PLATINUM Seating Gives You the Following Benefits Below:
You get an additional ticket for your partner or spouse, or assigned team member in the same seating tier (Platinum). Get faster results by having other team members part of your experience.  You also get:
  • Million Dollar Promise—eliminates all risk! You’ll make or save at least a million dollars on the very first day 
  • 90 Day Customized Warrior Road Map & Implementation Plan. You’ll build your own customized road map to immediately accelerate your success in the first 90 days after the Service Business Growth Event! CEO Warrior is all about helping you create rapid growth! 
  • Business Growth Sales and Revenue Generation Systems & Solutions. Marketing and sales systems; referral programs; membership plan; outbound mastery; scorecard system; and so much more. This is everything you need to run a business and it’s literally handed to you. (The value is priceless. How much would you spend, or waste, trying to build this yourself by trial and error?) 
  • Fast Pass Advanced Entry into the Event. Get closer to the insight and eliminate all distractions for maximum learning. The fastest action-takers choose to sit here (plus there are secret benefits that only this group gets!)
  • Preferred Parking. Get to the event on time without fighting over the last parking spots.
  • Warrior Back Pack & Growth Tools Package. Get a backpack filled with Warrior Tools including a notebook, sweatshirt, blanket, and resources to help grow your service business.
  •  VIP Daily Meal Pass. Connect with CEO Warrior Master Advisors and Members at one meal each day to learn how to rapidly scale your business faster and more successfully than you ever thought possible. This can transform the results you get from Service Business Growth by 10X or even 100X after the event.
  • VIP Snack Pass. Get access to Unlimited soft drinks and snacks during your experience at the Service Business Growth Event. Fruits, bars, soft drinks, coffee, bottled water, and more to make sure you’re energized for our 3 day experience.
  • ​Exclusive pre-event behind the scenes & sound check + CEO orientation of the venue.
  •  Welcome drinks/light snacks before pre-event sound check.
  •  Pre-event Online Training. Platinum ticket holders will get a bonus online training where you will receive some of the best strategies that you can implement even before you arrive at Service Business Growth Intensive! (How often do you get the benefit of an event before attending the event?!?)
  • Secrets Of Business Mastery Toolkit Online Training for You & Your Team. This online course is a deep-dive into the fundamental CEO warrior strategies. Review it as often as you want (remember: A Black Belt is a master at just a few fundamentals). You also have team access to run your company’s leadership team through the same online training to get them aligned with the “CEO Warrior Way”.
  • VIP Lounge Access **